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"Why square bracket Pi?"    you might be wondering.



Well... because people like to discover things for themselves.



Where I can, I like to include another level of information beyond the obvious. Some people will see it right away but most will see what they know.

Not what is there.



When we see a symbol we immediately associate it with what we have been taught the symbol means. 

That's typically where the process of . . . s e e i n g

. . . stops. 



But an artist learns to draw what they see, not what they know is there.



As we all know without even thinking, square bracket, pi, square bracket, is the value 3.14159



It is also . . . my initials


Gregory Johnson / bio

I've worked as an illustrator since 1987

and as a web designer since 1999. 


My parents were both accomplished Architectural designers

and I had the good fortune to grow up in an Architect's office.


Experiences like that are bound to give a person an unceasing fascination with design (and I certainly have that.)

NOTE:  I'll fill in more here as time allows but right now, I have Web Sites to build, and Design work to do for others. Naturally...​my own site is the last item on my priority list.


So if you'd like more info just give a call.

If I'm awake (and not in a meeting) I'll answer.



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