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Web Design  / Motion Graphics

Though not a typical site design, this one was interesting because the client envisioned the site as a view of the world through a vehicle windshield. So we designed the the interface with dashboard elements and hand painted clouds in the sky, in the shape of the continents.

My clients can edit much of their sites themselves.


I've always made this a high priority because I don't want to be the bottlneck. if a client wants to fix a typo or add a news update, the process of telling someone to make the change, waiting for it to be made and then getting verification that it's been made is often more time consuming than doing it themselves.


E A S Y   t o   l e a r n      

I've always worked to find (or make) the easiest editing tools for my clients. Back in 2001 I made my own site editor for my clients using Flash, and that system worked well for many years. But mobile devices have changed the game. The new tool set that I support is the best I've ever seen and astonishingly easy to learn.


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